What you can expect from Indievelopment

Amazing speakers

Indievelopment hosts amazing speakers from all around the world. They will give talks about the various aspects of game development.

Central location

Indievelopment 2016 will take place May 23rd 2016 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. This location is right next to Utrecht Central Station and the various markers around the station make it easy to find.

No Workshops :-(

Unfortunately we have had to cancel workshops, we were unable to schedule enough workshops to make it worth giving up a lecture hall. But the idea is alive and you might see them next year!


Hi everyone!

It's been a while, but the photos are finally online for real.
You can find them >here<

The first preparations for Indievelopment 2017 will start in a few weeks, so expect to hear back from us some time soon ;)

Thank you all!

Thank you all for making Indievelopment 2016 a succes! We hope you all had a great time and are already looking forward to Indievelopment 2017 ;)

Companies at the Expo

You must all be curious about which companies will be present at the Expo on Indievelopment.
Well wonder no more, you can see the full list here: (more…)


This post took a little longer than expected, but in contrast to what we have announced on Facebook earlier, there will be 6 microtalks instead of 5!
If you want want to listen to more talks in less time or if you just have a short attention span then you should check out the 10-minute micro talks!

We have 6 amazing microtalks ready for you next week:
Christopher Jambor - Ten takeaways to achieve a successful Kickstarter of 100k+
Christopher Jambor is the Business Strategist @ KeokeN Interactive, in this talk he will focus on the 10 most important aspects of the Deliver us the moon kickstarter.

Vaida Plankyte - I Really Want To Talk To You But I Don’t Know How So Here, Have A Game
Vaida is interested in small personal games that interact in unusual ways with the player.
In her talk Vaida will talk about how games can serve as bridges for communication and how games enable developers to communicate in new ways. She shares some of her experiences of making TRUST a game she used to express sensitive personal material to a close friend.

Joe Nash - Don't be afraid to dream a little bigger, developer!
Joe is a developer advocate at Improbable, supporting gamedevs using SpatialOS to build massive world experiences. Joe is an unrepentant haskell addict and a strong believer in the value of hackathons, supporting hackers through community leadership of Hackathon Hackers EU.
In his talk Joe will try to persuade us to take on bigger projects and talk about how small indie teams manage to work on large projects that seem to large for them to handle.

Jeroen Janssen - Death in Videogames: How to stay dead
Jeroen Janssen is a game designer and the business developer at Happy Volcano, working on Winter a narrative exploration game about death. This talk will handle the the premise of Winter and how it relates to other games and death in videogames.

Lukas Hoenderdos - How to win* the GlobalGameJam three times
Lukas, 31 years old freelance Unity developer. GGJ veteran and three times winner. Has worked on An Alien with a Magnet, Autopret and Duckworld. Currently working on Marooners, formerly known as Paradox in Paradise which won the Dutch GGJ in 2015.
Lukas is going to try to convince us to take part in game jams and talk about what he thinks it takes to go from merely participating in gamejams to making stand out games that can win prizes.

Olivier Oosterbaan and Adriaan de Jongh - Why should developers have agreements from day one? What should you negotiate for, and what is fair? When can you use the free docontract.com, when shouldn't you, and what should you look out for using it?
In this microtalk, attorney Olivier Oosterbaan and game designer Adriaan de Jongh will cover the philosophy behind contract( ) as well as guide you through its default template.

The schedule is here!

Good news everyone! It's the moment you have all been waiting for... The release of the schedule. Bask in its glory!Schedule v2

A Rose by any other name

You might recognise this next speaker from several game jams:

Alex Rose

Alex Rose is a multi award-winning game jammer with a physics degree.
He's one of Develop's 30 Under 30 2016, and is currently working on Super Rude Bear Resurrection for PS4, based on his series of Rude Bear jam games.

His talk is titled: Game Feel: Perfecting Platformer Physics

And with this we have announced all the regular talks. Check back tonight at 20:00 for the final schedule and tomorrow for the microtalks :)

Something for all you artists out there!

Of course a game isn't complete without some art (unless you make a console windows text-based adventure), so we have a very artistic speaker as well:

Marlies Barends

Marlies Barends is currently Art Director, Artist and Animator for Abbey Games. After graduating with a Master's degree in 2D Animation, an internship at Ronimo Games, and two years of freelance illustration/animation jobs, she helped create Abbey Games's award-winning debut REUS, and their second succesful Steam title, Renowned Explorers: International Society. While working with the devoted Monks of Abbey Games, her experience allows some insight into how you can improve as an artist by working together with your team.

Talk title: Artists Get To The Next Level By Thinking Like A Game Designer


Writing 'nothing': storytelling with unsaid words and unreliable narrators
Does that get your writing juices flowing? The following speaker will give a talk on precisely that topic at Indievelopment.

Mata Haggis
Prof. Mata Haggis is a games & narrative designer most recently known for the PINE (Playable Interactive Narrative Experience) 'Fragments of Him' that he developed in collaboration with Sassybot. It is available on Steam, coming soon on Xbox One, and will be on PS4 later this year. He has previously worked for Electronic Arts, Rebellion, and on online indie games for millions of players.

He is the Associate Professor of Creative & Entertainment Games at NHTV University in The Netherlands where his research focuses on creativity, diversity, traditional and VR gameplay, and more!

Game Audio

Interested in game audio, but have no experience in audio?
Then the talk these two guys are giving is perfect for you!
Introducing Niels van der Leest and Rik Nieuwdorp

Niels van der Leest studied classical percussion on the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
During and after getting his Masters degree he played in some of the best orchestras in Holland and was a player in the successful percussion groups Circle Percussion (taiko) and AbSurdo (samba).
After some years of performing as a professional percussionist Niels decided to listen to his urge to write down his musical ideas instead of only playing the notes someone else wrote. His biggest dream being: writing the music to a computer game.
His love for the medium games started when he played Final Fantasy VII, which was accompanied by music of the Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu.

"In the course of the years I have worked on a lot of award winning games, commissioned works, tracks for commercials and sing-a- song writers and, let’s not forget, my very own album. Besides composing and doing sound design for games I now also teach “Game Audio” on the conservatorium of Haarlem in The Netherlands, sharing my knowledge and teaching young aspiring composers and sound designers how they can enter the fabulous world of Game Audio."

Rik Nieuwdorp (Claynote):
Composer, sound designer and adaptive-musicguru
Claynote makes music and sound for games, specialising in adaptive music. This means that the soundtrack adjusts itself to the events in the game. I’ve been designing these kinds of adaptive music systems for more than 10 years and since starting Claynote in 2009 I have already set up almost 50 games with (adaptive) music and sound effects. This has led to me receiving an IGF nomination and Dutch Game Award amongst others. I’m also the co-founder of a refreshing new gamestudio called Gebauhaus.

Their talk is titled: Game Audio for non audio folk!

Speaker incoming

Stephen Lindsay

After an early career in derivative products, working in London, Paris, Singapore and Hong Kong, Steve became involved initially as an investor, with Ixty and is now Head of Business Development based in London.

Talk Title: Increase revenue from IAPs worldwide
Talk Description: The mobile games industry has a problem - how to set and then continuously A/B test differing IAP prices across the various countries of the world. There is a way to increase revenue from new and existing players by making IAPs affordable. You wouldn’t spend a day’s salary on an IAP so why expect someone in India to?

Prepare for tons of amazing indie titles and speakers

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