Location and date:

Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Supernova hall      23rd of May, 2016


  • Marlies Barends – Artists get to the Next Level by thinking like a Game Designer
  • Lisa Brown – Things I learned in AAA that helped me as an Indie
  • Jeff Gardiner – Controlling the Crazy: Lessons learned from creating Fallout & The Elder Scrolls
  • Mata Haggis – Writing ‘nothing’: storytelling with unsaid words and unreliable narrators
  • Lukas Hoenderdos – How to win* the GlobalGameJam three times.
  • Steven Honders – Understanding your players; The power of curiosity
  • Ard Jacobs – How to: develop and market new hardware independently
  • Christopher Jambor – Ten takeaways to achieve a succesfull kickstarter of 100k+
  • Jeroen Janssen – Death in Videogames: How to stay dead
  • David Jimenez – Dimension Drive Kickstarter Marathon
  • Adriaan de Jongh – Community, why care?
  • Krzystof Kusak – Developer and Publisher, Is it always a toxic relationship?
  • Niels van der Leest & Rik Nieuwdorp – Game Audio for non audio folk!
  • Stephen Lindsay – Increase your revenue from IAPs worldwide
  • Joe Nash – Don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, developer!
  • Vaida Plankyte – I Really Want To Talk To You But I Don’t Know How So Here, Have A Game
  • Olivier Oosterbaan & Adriaan de Jongh – Why should developers have agreements from day one?
  • Landon Podbielski – Making Competitive Games Fun For Everyone
  • Dan Da Rocha – Breaking Into The Games Industry
  • Alex Rose – Game Feel: Perfecting Platformer Physics
  • Herdjie Zhou – Development process and how Sky Chasers got more then 1M downloads – was cancelled due to illness
  • Alan Zucconi – Yet Another Indie Talk


  • Alexandra Belzon – Public relations
  • Bob Best – Speakers
  • Geert Beuneker – Public relations
  • Jordy van Opstal – Speakers
  • Marc Smids – Chairman
  • Roxanne van Dam – Sponsor & Expo
  • Samantha van Dalen – Sponsor & Expo
  • Simon Götz – Treasurer

Indievelopment Awards

  • Indievelopment Award: Frenemies with Defend Your Friend
  • Indievelopment Made With Unity Award: