Indievelopment 2014 is coming! On April 7th at Zijdebalen Theater in Utrecht, your favourite independent developers will visit the Netherlands and tell you all about their development experiences. Traditionally, we will have something for everyone -- tech, design, art; and even better, there will be independent games as far as the eye can reach in our newly added exposition area.

As we have left the subsidiary nest, ticket prices have gone up a bit. Early bird student tickets are €15,00, which provides access to the full event. Business tickets are €30,00 and include a do-it-yourself lunch.

Interested in showing off your game to a 500 man plus audience for a small fee? Mail us at for more information!

Michael Cook

At Indievelopment Michael Cook will be talking about the exciting topic of coding for games with AI in mind.

Paul Weir

At Indievelopment Paul Weir will give a talk about generative sound design, a topic which should be very interesting for sound designers and techies alike!

Jonathan Blow

At Indievelopment Jonathan Blow will be talking about adopting a mindset and working habits that foster the development of deeper development ideas rather than shallow and gimmicky ones.

Clemens Scott

At Indievelopment, Clemens will talk about inspirations, cultural & social influences and the history of the artstyle of Chasing Aurora & Secrets of Rætikon. We can expect “lots of pretty pictures”.

Scott Blackwell

Scott Blackwell is sponsored by Microsoft. The topic of his talk will be "The Power of Students".